Monday, 9 April 2012

Writing exercise

I tried to take some of what I've been writing about and apply it. Wasn't able to do much else what with the stream of visitors and other events as you'll see below. Enjoy! Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

West the wind blew, raising lazy dust devils and swirls of grit, carrying sand across trackless barren miles of dry landscape. Funneled between rough stony spires and jumbles of rock that had been piled in heaps during the Breaking and since laid undisturbed, the wind gasped as it struggled to rise the slopes of the all but impassable Spine of the World. Into Jangai Pass the wind beat weakly against a cliff face carved into a serpent twirling about a staff, supposedly a symbol of healing from the Age of Legends.  Further on, ancient stone piers clung to a mountainside, the ocean they served long since dried away along with all other evidence of moisture, as though the land itself had been thoroughly wrung.
The last wheeze of wind lifted a flap of the sweat tent, briefly troubling tent’s lone occupant. Sweat and dim light offered no comfort, his affliction had the whole camp in a furor. Wise Ones were hardly ever patient, less so than ever for this.  The mighty Great Lord of the Dark had a man-cold.

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