Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Spring Chapters 7-10

Perhaps the events just lend themselves to the gradual revelation of the White Tower’s inner workings, but I found the step-by-step introduction to the various aspects of Tower life well done. In this sequence we see inside the Ajah quarters, and with our knowledgeable guide Moiraine explaining things, we get lots of information in a natural way, sans info-dump. Aside from the fact that Moiraine started the book in the presence of the most powerful woman in the world, we’ve inched upwards from learning about Accepted life to learning about Aes Sedai life.
In a similar vein, we’ve had Moiraine know the most important piece of information in the world, and inch slowly forward trying to interpret it, refine it, and give it more detailed meaning.  In both of these cases, the logic and speed of progression is satisfying to the reader. Moiraine and Siuan want more, can’t get it, so they reach out and take it for themselves, giving them even more ability to reach out and take the next step. I love doing this professionally, and it is stunning how no one ever complains, just wonders at how you pull off the stuff you do. Had Moiraine and Siuan not pushed, had they followed the rules a little more, the outcome would have been different. I love rebels!
We get first-hand confirmation of Elaida’s bullying. It’s somehow worse when they do it for the victim’s own good. The testing and preparation for it are again reminiscent of school exams. It’s not clear yet just what Moiraine is capable of, despite seeing her in the testing ter’angreal. But we’re beginning to get a sense of it.
Writing Lessons:
It’s tempting to push information onto the reader, but pacing the revelations and explanations in a logical way and as necessary can keep from encumbering your story.

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