Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome to Shayol Ghul

Hi Gang!
I decided to read the entire Wheel of Time in anticipation of the release of A Memory of Light. I also thought I’d like to analyze the writing so as to improve my own craft and share my thoughts with other fanbeings. I will assume you know the books (spoilers abound) and might even pull out your copy to check what I am saying. So there will be few quotations and little plot discussion. The focus is on the writing, and (FINALLY) adding a male perspective to the other rereads out there. I am pure evil.  I might even let you see how my most recent writing project is going (codenamed: Woolly Coelodont)!
This blog is a learning tool for writers and fans. I know you all learned etiquette at Theoryland. Comment nicely to each other.
On to business:
1. My hardcovers have a total of 9174 pages.
2. I estimate 6 months to reread.
3. That makes 50 pages a night. Every night. For six months. No days off. Ok, fine, we'll add two weeks for unforeseen circumstances. I should be done in July 2012.

I will be reading chronologically. I will not be reading the glossaries. Story only!
I warmed up by reading the Big White Book last fall.
Reading order:
0.1 Big White Book
0.2 Strike at Shayol Ghul
0.3 New Spring
0.4 Ravens

1. The Eye of the World
2. The Great Hunt
3. The Dragon Reborn
4. The Shadow Rising
5. The Fires of Heaven
6. Lord of Chaos
7. A Crown of Swords
8. The Path of Daggers
9. Winter’s Heart
10. Crossroads of Twilight
11. Knife of Dreams
12. The Gathering Storm
13. Towers of Midnight
14. A Memory of Light
I’m glad to have you here, enjoy the read!
Great Lord of the Dark (Tyler)

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